DTP Part 20

I know exactly what brought this poem out. We had been to a assembly at school that talked about prejudices and racism. I have always disliked prejudices and racism (not that anyone really likes them, except maybe fanatics) and this is what was brought out of me.

Written on: January 4, 2001 (age fourteen)

Hatred towards a certain person
Scared of what they’ll do
Carefully they watch each other
Not sure of who to trust

Watching after men and women
Not the same as you
Telling them to go away
Just because they are different

Differences will be here always
No one is the same
Hatred still comes to the different people
Just because someone like them did something bad

We hate those people because we want to
Not really knowing the reason why
Maybe someone did something
But we don’t know who or why

Truth is hard to live with
Because everyone does this at least once
Some people do it all the time
And they’re not even aware

Can this world live without hatred?
Or does life need a little hate
I don’t know the answers
But hopefully we would live without it

Hatred is easy to misunderstand
But never will it change
We really can’t get rid of it
Because someone will always hate someone else

So think about it
How many things you have said in hatred
Did you really mean to do it?
Did you even think?

All the hatred will overwhelm you
Push you far away
Never to know love again
And unsure of where to go

A Whisper In The Ear

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