DTP Part 16

His Girl
Written on: January 8, 2001 (age fourteen)

Sadness overwhelmed him
His little girl dead in his arms
He couldn’t stop the feeling
Of rage boiling in his blood

He could not believe
What he saw then in her eyes
He saw happiness
He knew she was home with God

Her death had been accidental
But he still didn’t know what to do
Did she know he loved her?
How long had it been since he’d told her so?

He knew deep down
That it wasn’t his fault
But he couldn’t stop wondering
If he could have stopped all of this

He knew his girl was in heaven now
Up there with her mom
He knew it was her time
But he didn’t want to loose her

In a few days they’ll bury her
With ‘Daddy’s Little Angel’ on the grave
He’ll miss her like he misses her mom
But he will learn to go on.

I had a teacher in high school that was a man who had lost his daughter to SIDS. This was a response I had done to the feelings I was feeling about it.


A Whisper In The Ear

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