DTP Part 14

Today’s installment brought to you by Ohemgeeimtiredwhatamigoingtodosinceicantsleep. Yep that’s my new name. I’ll be at the court house tomorrow getting it officially changed. ^.^

The Proposal
Written on: January 2001 (age fourteen – oh my god I’m a younger depressed teen now, no order to these poems whatsoever.)

He was waiting at the table
And the ring was in his pocket
Waiting for his girl
To walk into the room

She’d light up the room
As soon as she walked in
He’d be the first to talk to her
And he’d make sure of that

When the door finally opened
And she walked to their table
She smiled
And his heart skipped a beat

He sat through the long dinner
Waiting patiently
When the plates were taken away
He got down on one knee

He told her how much he loved her
And he asked her that important question
He held his breath as she thought over it
She was crying happily when she said yes

Okay so this isn’t really depressing like the rest of them. A bit more upbeat. Expectant. Any other words that might go well can be inserted here.

A Whisper In The Ear

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