DTP Part 13

Written on: January 3, 2003 (Age sixteen)

Days and nights go by
Without you by my side
I’m alone in the night
So cold yet so warm
You’re running through
My dreams

Through the days
I walk around silently
Scared of what may happen
If I tell you how I truly feel
How I need to have you at my side
To know you might feel the same

I can only smile when
You’re around
I can only see the light
Through your beautiful eyes
We are protected by each other
For you are a Protector and I a Lover

We argue about finding love
I know you will
For if you look close enough
You will see how much I love you
I hold close to me
That secret of my love

Could you ever feel the same?
Could you ever bring me into your heart?
Could you ever wish for me
As I have wished for you?
Could you ever dream dreams
Like the ones I dream of you?

I had a present close to my heart
I’m afraid to give you
My love will show through
My trust as well
My friendship grows with it
For a ring can show all three

This ring has its own name
And with its name comes meaning
This is a Claddagh ring
The hands of friendship
THe crown of loyalty and trust
And the heart of love

Unsure of whether to give it to you
Unsure of what I’ll say if I do
Would you get the wrong impression?
Would you understand?
Could you try to love?
Could you hold me close to your heart?

My heart is yours for the taking
Do you trust me enough to take it?
Or do you believe you’ll never have love
That I am here for the taking
All you need
And maybe one day you’ll want me too.

I was obsessed with Claddagh rings when I was sixteen or so. I don’t know what started it. It gets used a lot in my poetry of that time. The ironic thing is that I did give one to my current S.O. He wears it occasionally. I guess I still have an obsession.

A Whisper In The Ear

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