DTP Part 9

Written on: January 7, 2003 (Age sixteen)

Laying on a bed of flowers
Staring at the stars
Wishing and dreaming
That one day I could be among them
Isn’t it weird we can sit and wish
But most of the time that’s all we do
Wishing wishes never to be fulfilled

Atop a mountain
We breathe deeply
As air up there
Is a precious gift
We walk through the clouds
Amazed at what the world is

In the world we wish and dream
Wondering if one day they will soon be.

Nothing really to say on this poem. I think I was a very depressing sixteen year old.


2 thoughts on “DTP Part 9

  1. Hehe, well I don’t think you are a depressing 3 year old. And I do like this one too. But my roomie decided to say that this was depressing and that was the end note that got added 😛

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