DTP Part 8

So I wrote this after first reading Eragon by Christopher Paolini. I would have just turned sixteen

The Dragon and Her Rider
Written on: November 27, 2002 (age sixteen)

The wind blows past
And she moves ever faster
Through the sky
She doesn’t know now
The difference between
Water and land
For everything’s a blur
Her wings beat faster
And her scales
As strong as steel
Cut through the air
She cannot tell
If there’s war or peace
Because life and time
Pass her by
Alone except for the rider at her back
Who’s thoughts
Mesh with hers
The small boy
She calls her own
Her rider
Her friend
Her child
He lets the harsh wind
Cut at his face
And her body
Cut at his legs
They travel
For revenge and from death
They fly with speed
And the fear of being seen
At night, at day
It’s all the same
For they only stop
To catch their
And are off again
They hunt as one
With talons and bows
Swords spill blood
And teeth rip flesh
And their stomachs
Are soon full
Promises are made
And secrets are shared
Futures entwined
As one shares the others
Destiny and fate
Their hearts beat together
Their sight is the same
And through each others eyes
They see two worlds
They are


A Whisper In The Ear

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