DTP Part 7

Next up on Depressing Teenage Poetry:

Written on: January 7, 2003

Years ago I was bright and happy
But now my life is full of shadow
I just don’t know what to do
Because I feel so numb

Dead to the world
I walk around invisible
I was noticed when I was with you
But I found out who my true friends were
When they turned their backs
When you left me

They say silence is golden
But to me it’s a pressure in the dark
As I sit screaming
Because I feel so numb

I’m in the darkness
I’m all alone
I feel nothing
As the numbness takes over

I was faithful and true
I promised never to hurt you
Do you remember making those promises too
But you broke them
When you hurt me so

The warmth never penetrates my body
The coldness is so overwhelming
The flame is bright
Yet it freezes me through and through
I wish for that warmth again
To break through the numbness

Can I ever feel again
Can I break through the cold
Maybe one day, but not today

Hearts beat together
If you’ve found the one
But if numbness overcomes you
How can you feel the love

When the pain seems like it will never stop
You’ll feel the numbness
As you forget how to feel
And your heart has shattered
You’re gone in this world of silence


A Whisper In The Ear

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