DTP Part 6

I can still remember how this is supposed to sound in my head. Which is at a rappy-type pace. Interesting ain’t it. Especially since I really can’t explain how it should be read.

Written on: March 5, 2003 (age sixteen)

How crazy was it, love was out to get me
I was lost and alone before
And I enjoyed the silence around me
The slow paced easy life
But then I was overwhelmed by this new emotion
Sped up and told to get going
Roses and butterflies in my stomach
Lazy eyes
Unsure where to go, what to do
Where to put my hands
What to say to make it better
You wanted comfort when things went bad
You wanted to touch to feel to hold
I wanted it quiet that faith and trust
Couldn’t you just
Sit with me
Talk with me
Listen to the stories I have to tell
You brag to your boys
How you find me coy, sleek and sexy
How my eyes caress you
How I undress you
Fall upon my knees
Why would I do these things
Boy don’t play a player
Don’t call me one of yours
If you call those other whores
Yours too
Cause boy I know what your playing
And what your saying
You just don’t want your boys to know
I won’t give you any
So you made up stories
Of how you hit here
Hit there
How you can get who you want
When you want
And where you want
But boy what you don’t know
I know the game
The rules
And I’ll be better
I’ll beat your sorry ass
And pass you to the next whore
And I’ll move on to the next boy
Next toy
I’m just a girl, boy
And all I want is to hang
With my girls
I’ll find what I need later
When I need it
But for now I’ll just hang with it
Hold onto life
Have fun
And stay young inside.


2 thoughts on “DTP Part 6

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The DTP keeps making me giggle most of the time, especially remembering that at sixteen I thought the world was going to end after my major breakup

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