DTP Part 12

More depressed sixteen year old stuffs

The Ring
Written on: January 3, 2003 (age sixteen)

She wore it on her finger
A ring used as a reminder
Of where her life had brought her
It shone of bright silver
And it was adorned
With a crown, two hands and a heart

The ring, it held many purposes
Friendship, love and loyalty
Worn on her left hand
Showing her heart
Had been taken
But she got no heart in return

She gave her love so freely
Not caring too much if she was hurt
She’d been hurt before
Her heart was stronger now
Protected from the pain and tears
She would no longer be afraid of

The ring told her where her heart was
Given but not yet returned
This man would hold her heart forever
Even if she never got his love back
She feared this to be true
She would be alone again

The ring was her reminder
Told her how love was so important
Told her never to let go
For fear of being lost
To show her how alone she is
How different she is

The crown showed her
Loyalty and trust
The hands showed her
Friendship unending
The heart showed her
Love forever

The ring
The reminder
Her life
Her destiny
Her future
The same as her past

Again with the weird formatting on the second to last stanza. I was a weird child.

A Whisper In The Ear

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