DTP Part 10

This I wrote for a friend in my photography class because she wanted something to give to her boyfriend.

Poem Number 5
Written on: January 6, 2003 (Age sixteen)

We give our love unconditionally
Yet so, hide and hold it back
We live through times that are hard
And spirits get pushed down
As we try to survive
We all need hope and love
We need to be able to trust
Have a smile through the days

To you I’m just a little girl
Someone to share your life with
But I want what you think you can’t give
I want love that should make your heart beat
I feel defeated, pushed to be just your friend
For I am just a young naive girl
Not quite sure of where my life will lead
Not sure of how to tell you how I feel

I will always be here for you
TO help you walk through the fire
To help you see the good things in life
To have a watchful eye, to look for the dangers
I will walk with you down life’s paths
For I will always be by your side
Even if I don’t have the love I need
I might just show you what it’s like

Through hard times and easy times
Through all the good things in life
I hope to see that sparkle in your eyes
To see a smile go across your face
I will help you through the dark

Okay so I have no idea what was up with the indenting on the second lines throughout the stanzas. Maybe I was just bored

2 thoughts on “DTP Part 10

    • Honestly, it has been so long since I actually wrote that and gave it to her, I don’t remember the exact reaction. Though she didn’t through it back in my face all crumpled up and say it was crap, so I guess that’s a win win on my part 😛

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