My depressing teenage poetry part 2

Okay so I am going to do as many as I can today, because its snowing and I am just bored enough. So here is the next installment of Depressing Teenage Poetry. Remember there will be now editing done. You are getting the full effect of me at the time.

Written on: January 1, 2003 (age 16)

Life changed on me
When I found myself alone
Scared and afraid
Trying to figure out what to do next.

I had once been yours
I was your rock
You were my shoulder to cry on
You promised me you wouldn’t make me cry
But you did

Now I’ve moved on in life
I’ll stand up tall and show myself
I’ll never let myself cry again
I will be stronger than before

I used to believe one day
We’d have a chance again
But then I grew up
I learned that never give your heart out
Unless you want a chance for it to be broken

Strange how before I wasn’t cautious
But now I can see all the signs
You taught me that
Never lose myself until
I know there’s a chance
I’ll find my way back

I’ll never again let dreams
Put thoughts of forever in my head
I will not need somebody to be happy
I can be happy alone
I’ll find a way to be stronger

I may be alone
But one day
I’ll find somebody true
Who can show me the world
In his arms.

Okay. I would have been about sixteen years old at this time. Again, like the previous one, I was probably still depressed over my breakup with a guy I was dating.

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