DTP Part 5

This is becoming way too much fun to stop. Flooding my page though.

Written on: November 28, 2002 (age sixteen)
Dedicated to: Dave

When we spend our days together
We talk and share our pasts
You were there
When I need to cry
You were there to help
Those long days go by
It’s strange what I feel for you
A deep unending friendship
For I know you’ll always be here
For me
And I’ll always be there
For you

It’s strange that days go by
And all I think about
Is the friendship we share
You share with me your dreams
Showing how much you care
Even when we’re brokenhearted
We still have the love of friendship
The strangers out there
Just don’t understand
How our friendship lasts
When we’re so far away
From each other

Alone together
But never completely together
Far away
But with us are secrets shared
And our feelings the same
All we have is friendship
It will last us our whole lives
Whoever knew that a bond could form
Between two
So instantly
You showed me you cared
Because you were always in my heart

You saved me
From a secret
I held close to my heart
It was hard to let people in
But you made it there with ease
You broke through those shields
That guarded my heart
You showed me I could care
Without needing to loose myself
My soul and heart were safe
They wouldn’t be broken again
Because I knew you wouldn’t hurt me

For all of time I hold you close
I’ll protect you when I need to
I wish I knew a better way
To show I care
For words through a poem
Are never as good
As ones face to face
But maybe these words
Will reach your heart
And you’ll just know
You are my friend
My warrior and my hero.

Okay, so this was written for the same guy in the previous post. But he had asked me for a poem for him and this is what I had done.


A Whisper In The Ear

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