DTP Part 3

Okay so here is the next installment of crappy poetry. I do enjoy some of it, but most of it is all laughing and giggling at my angsty attitude.

Did She Know
Written on: January of 2001 (age fourteen)

Did she ever know
All this would happen
Or did she think
Her life would be perfect

Carefully they cage her in
Hoping it will protect them
From something
She never did

They told her she was in trouble
And they call her evil names
Couldn’t she be herself
With no more pestering.

I really have no idea what would have brought this on. So this poem gets no real explanation. Except maybe that I was young. Though I do know some of these are from free writes during my various creative writing classes during high school and could have been for that.


A Whisper In The Ear

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