I was just thinking about the millions of writing books I have. I love books to the extreme, and I always gather books on subjects I love. And I love writing so I have probably around a hundred of them. Whether they be ones on grammar or structuring a story or author’s memoir/help books. Wide range of books on the subject of writing.

Not too long ago I was reading one such book (for the life of me I can’t think which one it was, but it popped into my head a little bit ago) and what I am remembering right now was a topic the author was talking about. Goal setting.

He (I believe it was a he) was talking about setting goals for yourself with your writing. He said to write at least three double spaced pages a day. About anything. He said that this was how he stopped himself from getting sucked into writer’s block. He said to not focus on anything if you couldn’t, but to just write. Kind of like the free-writing exercises my creative-writing teachers always put us through.

I like this idea better then a certain word-count type goal. Three pages isn’t usually hard to write out. Especially double-spaced. I need to force myself to a routine again. I think a three-page goal is a good one for me.


A Whisper In The Ear

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