Trip out of the house

I left my crowded one bedroom apartment this morning so I could have some time to myself so I could write without interruption. I drove across the street to Starbucks (would have walked if I had the nerve to face the recent snow and/or had the boots to do it) and have been sitting here for at least two hours, pondering what I want to write. I’m just not in the mood I guess. So I’ve been surfing the web and doing one of my other favorite things: people watching.

My boyfriend says that I have an unnerving ability to pick apart situations and bring out unusual things. Meaning, I can see things in people, ideas, etc. that most others don’t pick out. I think thats what so interested me about people watching.

Object one: A young, probably 20-ish, girl, dressed in an white Aeropostle track suit, blue Broncos baseball-hat, a couch bag and big (annoyingly fashionable) sunglasses), came into the cafe about an hour after I got here. She is apparently a recently ex-employee and knows everyone here. She has an annoying habit of adding Miss, Mrs, Mr to everyones names in the fashion of “Miss Stacy, can I have a tea?”, The only one who seems to avoid this affectionate name-tagging is the boy she is with. Tallish-blonde Adonis type. With sunglasses he doesn’t seem to ever take off despite the dim atmosphere of the cafe. She has a slightly annoying voice, high but not too high, that she likes to speak loudly in. So of course I heard all of their conversations, though you can’t really call it a conversation when only one person is talking. She talked about her babysitting job, how she just LOVES the family she does it for. Glorified nanny? Probably. Probably gets paid quite a bit, that or she has plenty of money (or has someone who has plenty of money), because that coach bag that she was carrying around was a large one and probably ran around $1,500. They talked about relationships, sex, about the coffee, pretty much everything. I don’t think the guy enjoyed himself, because as they left he gave her a reluctant hug and left quickly while she stayed behind to primp in the bathroom and chat a bit more with her former employees.

She was the most interesting of people that I saw at Starbucks today. Maybe I’ll find someone else later.



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