My ongoing project

Since I was about 11 or 12 I’ve been writing a novel. The same novel. Some people think thats drastically a long time to be working on one project. I’ve also heard that I should put it aside. I never will. And here are my reasons:

  1. I started this project as a release of emotions I have always bottled up.
  2. It has become my baby. A child that I want to grow and prosper.

I am constantly thinking about my story in the back of my head. So why can’t I finish it? Well, because my idea keeps evolving, becoming better in my mind. So I pre-write, and then change it all, well maybe not all. I love my characters, and that could be a problem. But I don’t let it.

It started as a single book with a single female MC. It stayed that way for a few years. But then that character didn’t have the flaws and strengths and abilities that I wanted in a character. But instead of getting rid of her, I gave her a daughter. My new MC. The previous MC was still in the story, and her own story ended half way through the story.

Then about two or three years ago, I decided that there was too many things happening for one plot line. So I decided that my single book would be come two, or three, or even more. A series is what I found myself holding onto. But it had been just a thought for a long time. I never took real action in trying to separate the two stories that I had combined in one.

Then about three months ago, I finally took it into my hands to separate the stories. This initiative came from the idea for a perfect beginning to one of their stories. (I’ve always been an out-of-order writer, one who never was good at beginnings.). Yes it may need some tweaking, but at the moment I love the direction it is going.

I am on a roll.


A Whisper In The Ear

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