This is me and what I’m all about

This journal is something that I always wanted to keep and never really set myself down to doing it. When I became unemployed I decided I wanted to focus on my writing more. Yes, I will be continuing to look for employment elsewhere as well, but I want to write again, because I haven’t given myself enough time to do so lately.

So this is me:

My name is Cara. I’ve been writing for… well years… but I’ve never really given myself over to the possibility of being published. The only thing I can really claim to have been published is a touching poem I wrote for my mom and was published in my school’s literary magazine. I got a sudden burst of excitement from that and wanted to feel it again. But I haven’t had much of a chance to finish anything since then, now I want to try. I’m an early 20-ish recent resident of Colorado. A beautiful state like this should be able to inspire me. So now I will focus on my writing.

That’s what this journal is going to be for. My struggles, my accomplishments, my rants. Enjoy.


A Whisper In The Ear

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