DTP Part 36

Dreams, Wishes, and Heartache
Written on: Unknown date

Dreams, wishes and heartache
Things well known to me
Heart son your sleeves
For people to see
But no one has held it true

Lies, hate and death
More things to hate in my life
Never any truth or peace
Or lives worth living
Just things we despise

But there are always the things we love
Like the one person who lights up your day
Or the friend that tells you what she things
That one person who can make your life worth living
They make you want to be your best so they notice who you are

So just keep on living and trust those you love
Never stop dreaming the dreams you love
And keep wishing on stars
And see those wishes through
Never give up on that one special person
Never give up
And never look away
Face those fears of yesterday


DTP Part 35

Written on: September 4, 2002 (age fifteen)

She sat all alone
Staring at the stars
She didn’t know what to say
Or do to help

The world around her was crumbling
With all the fighting and wars
Never peace with everyone
Always hate

She wonders if she’ll ever see peace
She thinks about how to help
But all thoughts are gone
Fear takes its place

Her life turned into a living hell
With shots being fired
And everyone dieing
All around her

Her family and friends
All gone
But her faith is still there
And maybe it’ll pull her through

A blinding light flashes
And all thought is gone
She sees the destruction
And fear rules all things

She gets to her knees
And prays to whoever will listen
Scared and shaking
Feeling the light surround her

She feels the emptiness
She’s alone now
Not a soul other then her
Walks on this desolate spot

She always remembers
The fears of those days
When she first became alone
Never aging, never dieing

All she does now
Is walk the empty earth
Surrounded by fear and silence
And the bodies of the innocent

She is that which shows emptiness
She is fear
She is death
She is alone

DTP Part 34

Written on: January 13, 2003 (age sixteen)

She fell upon her knees
Giving up on life
Lost all trust and everything
For she had nothing left

No one to make the cold nights warm
No one to dry her tears
She’s been through the pain
She didn’t want to feel it again

She decided she wanted it to be over
She couldn’t live with it anymore
She needed a way to end the pain
A way to be able to live again

She had a choice to make
Would she end her life or try to go on
Would she face tomorrow with a smile
Or would she watch the dark take over

People said love would come again
You should live again
Open up and enjoy what you have
Live until it’s truly time to stop

She didn’t know if they were right
She didn’t know what to do
She wanted to get through it
But she didn’t know how

DTP Part 33

The Girl
Written on: December 20, 2002

She sat by a pool of blue water
Silently wishing for a new life
A better chance in the world
Some way to survive
A family who’ll love unconditionally
Just some peace of mind

She sits in a field of flowers
Wondering if this piece of heaven will last
Will life continue here forever
Or will it just disappear
Like every other good thing in life
In a place filled with beauty there’s death

She sits on a mountaintop
Looking around her
Breathing in the thick fresh air
The chill shakes the body
Yet warmth soon takes over
When she notices the overwhelming beauty

Alone she sits on the universe’s tail
Riding on an unending course
Trailing a path made by destiny
Living and dying
A continuous cycle
Never to end

For she is mother Earth
She is our mother, our life
She gives us food and what we need
And the air we breathe
She is our protector
She is Earth

DTP Part 32

Me and You
Written on: December 20, 2002 (age sixteen)

We started as friends
Instantly a bond was formed
We became close
I almost always knew
What you were thinking
Our friendship got deep
And I grew to love you
With my soul and my heart
You were everything to me
I spent my days trying
To make you smile

We could laugh at old times
Look forward to new times
We said we’d always be close
But deep in my heart
I wanted more than that
Maybe one day we’ll be
Everything to each other
And you’ll hold me
In your arms
Whispering sweet nothings
Into my ear

Maybe it’s not love I’m looking for
But just an unending friendship
I don’t want to ever loose you
Cuz then it would hurt too much
My heart would no longer beat
If I couldn’t see you
Laugh and smile
Cuz when I see that sparkle
In your eyes
I know that you care
And I’ll know you are there

You’re not a dream
I keep dreaming
You’re not a story
I keep telling
You’re just the air
I need to breathe
You’re just the man
I need to brighten my day
You keep me smiling
You keep my life going
You give me what I need

I learned how good
Life can be
You brought the sunshine
I gave you some too
I give you all my trust
And you do the same for me
We make great friends
We know that the only good times
Are when we are talking to each other
We see forever
In each others eyes

How strange is it
I could come to care
So completely
I only want the best for you
Whether it’s with me or not
I learned to trust again
When I met you
You showed me
What I needed to see
And you told me
What I needed to hear

We’ve helped each other
Through those long days
We’ve seen it rain
As much as the sun
We’ve made a couple
Wrong turns on the road of life
We’ve made up for the
Circles we’ve been going in
By talking to each other
You saw what I wanted
Others to notice

I told you everything
Even all the poems I wrote
You gave me the
Confidence I needed
To keep on writing
I gave you words
To show you life doesn’t end
With a broken heart
Because out there we all have soul mates

DTP Part 31

Written on: August 12, 2001 (age fourteen)

I thought I heard an angel sing
I think I saw it fly
My heart is flying with yours
And I know exactly why

I know my heart is true
And I am sure yours is too
You are everything to me
And I really want you to know

I love the thought of you
The feelings you bring when you’re talking to me
I hope you get that fluttering feeling
When you talk to me too

I really want to show you
how my heart does grow
And I hope your heart is true
So we can do this forever

I love you
You love me
So why don’t we
Try forever?

DTP Part 30

How Long
Written on: November 14, 2001 (age fourteen)

How long has it been since life was true
Measuring all the things you do
I once did know the things of old
But now my heart is full of things
That are happening today

Never did my heart flutter
Or was my head full of you
Always a wonder at the things you do
Always wishing to be there with you

So far away
But so close to my heart
You changed my perspective on life
You made me try for the best
And you never let me put myself down

How is it that we are so far apart
But yet we are so close at heart
We both know that the other will be true
And that we’ll always love each other

Never once will our love falter
It will always be strong
We’ll get through the toughest of things
With not a doubt in our minds

How difficult life may seem
But we’ll get through it hand in hand

One day we’ll not just be two
But one joined by God
Rings on our fingers and love in our hearts

We’ll always be strong
And never look back
Always looking forward
To the things to come